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While I have been primarily an abstract painter for the last 18 years, my latest work is reinvestigating the foundation of my artistic journey. This journey began with the sudden shift to remote work we all found ourselves in in March of 2020. While teaching remotely I created instructional videos for students demonstrating perceptual drawing and painting techniques they were learning in the classroom. While I would demonstrate techniques in face-to-face classes, it would be limited to the early stages of a process and I would never follow the demonstration through to the completion of a work. Remote teaching necessitated a full demonstration of the painting and drawing process from the beginning through to the final stages of a work. This led me to re-connect with the representational work I had focused on in graduate school and the early part of my art career. The works in this exhibition are inspired by objects and places in within walking distance from my house, and represent the transition my work is going through.